Subcontractor Management

Eaton Development is committed to providing a work environment that ensures quality and fosters good working relations. Our philosophy of hands-on management has contributed to our success in the past and will carry us successfully into the future. Our high level of management and staff provide a strong basis for management of the subcontractors. Our team is committed to quality and incorporates this commitment into their daily routine to ensure proper and consistent management of subcontractors.

Our philosophy of payment in a timely and accurate manner allows us to enjoy and pass on to our customers an equitable price and a superior level of quality. Our project management and accounting staff are committed to maintaining open communication with our subcontractors, which significantly reduces slow down.

In short, we understand that prompt payment to subcontractors is an effective vehicle for motivational management of subcontractors and supplies.

Effective management of the scheduling leaves little room for inefficient or under-performance of our subcontractors. Every effort is made to keep delays due to discrepancies and disputes involving charge backs, to a minimum.

In addition to our innovative and professional staff, Eaton Development utilizes the standard project management tools available in today’s construction industry such as; CPM scheduling, resource leveling, material expediting tracking, pre-installation meetings and material quality checks, site specific safety plans, deficiency checks and corrections as they are discovered, clear project communication and documentation procedures.