Pre-Construction & Construction Services

Eaton Development will provide all of the standard Request for Proposal Scope of Services for the Construction Management to perform Pre-Construction and construction Services.

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Project Management and Scheduling

Your proposed project will demand creative, but realistic scheduling and resource management to ensure timely and efficient completion of your facility. Whether your project has a mixture of demolition, expansion to existing facilities, interior renovations, or ground up new construction, it will require pre-planning and clearly communicated schedules and phasing plans to maintain safety and time-line milestones. Eaton Development will implement the following methods to insure time, quality and safety are effectively implemented on any of your proposed sites:

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Subcontractor Management

Eaton Development is committed to providing a work environment that ensures quality and fosters good working relations. Our philosophy of hands-on management has contributed to our success in the past and will carry us successfully into the future. Our high level of management and staff provide a strong basis for management of the subcontractors. Our team is committed to quality and incorporates this commitment into their daily routine to ensure proper and consistent management of subcontractors.

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